April 15, 2024

Why Is Hard Water bad for Skin


you reside outside Arizona then after a clean bath your skin will feel soft, clean and smooth but if you reside inside Arizona you will feel a little hard, flaky or dry skin after a clean apparently you’re new to that place then its harder to identify why you feel this way?

And especially People who suffer from skin conditions ( dermatitis, rosacea or acne)  will see more of these complications since these complications might be the result of humidity because that’s one of the obvious reasons but the prominent cause is hard water.  Have a look at WaterBrowser

What is the reason behind hard water?

The outcome behind hard water is a high level of ion chemistry concentrated in the water, in detail the magnesium and calcium diffuse in the water elevated so it leads to hardness of the water. The more excessive the minerals are, the harder the water gets.

Lets see in detail

So the water supply for Phoenix residents is through lake mead ( nevada) and the minerals are increased as they travel through the metro area.

Calcium is essential for our body and naturally the water gets its mineral rich calcium from stones like limestone and dolomite.

Also magnesium is essential for all beings This mineral contributes to water hardness and is naturally present in waterways all around the world.

Both the minerals are required for all cellular beings but the higher concentration will lead to hardness of the water and result pipe damage you can see  Heating hard water causes white, chalky calcium carbonate deposits, often known as limescale, which has this effect and break-out and other conditions in the skin.

What are the consequences of hard water in the skin ?

Hard water has a history of damaging your pipe but at the same time it can result in havocking the skin like visible effects are dry, itching, flaky skin often these are noticed after a clean bath and your skin breaks-out because the pores are clogged and not removed. The soap film may cause your complexion to age prematurely in adding to clogging your pores. The breakdown of collagen in healthy skin cells is caused by free – radical, which are formed when hard water’s mg and iron combine. Sagginess, fine lines, and wrinkles are caused by this lack of collagen.

Protection tips

  • Moist, it is the only way to fight this condition so have a routine of regularly moisturising your skin and don’t vigorously rubber rather than dab the towel to keep the oil intact.
  • Purchase cleansers, body wash or face-wash of glycerin contained to neutralise.
  • Since you stay there and definitely just for water hardness you cannot leave the city so you can invest in water softener there are affordable softeners .


Hard water is the result of high level of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water and it can show consequences like break-out and aging in the skin and pipe damage so the permanent solution for this water softener which shows great result in water softening.