June 20, 2024

When is the right time to change your sewer line’s house trap?



The plumbing field is something that changes with time. The outdated plumbing trend sometimes becomes worrisome and the situation will be troublesome because of the house trap. 

What do you understand by house trap?

House traps are defined to be plumbing devices installed in homes. They are usually U-shaped pipe that is installed within the sewer line and successfully runs underground from home to municipal sewage system. Due to the downward bend, the water gets collected and protects the sewage gases to leak. 

Issues associated with the house traps

The house trap is definitely a good idea. If not taken care of, serious problems will occur. The old house traps are made of metal and got rusted easily. Hence, they are unable to hold the waste. The issues become serious when the sewage fumes start coming into your home, there is a clogged drain, sewage backflow, and breakage of a sewer line.

An ideal approach

If your home is not having a working sewer line, then it is the right time to have a house trap. On noticing any indications, it is suggested to quickly install the sewer line. The emergency service helps you in installing the house trap without wasting much time. But, in case, you find any sign of an issue, do call the professionals for sewer line inspection. 

The updated house trap can help you in sewer clean-out. Despite U-shaped pipes, these updated ones are vertical pipes, which are fixed from sewer line to ground surface. The sewer clean-outs are very much simple to detect and clean. Plus, the materials nowadays used aren’t corroded and break the pipeline. 

The final words

The sewage 24/7 around the clock service is available with The Equal Rooter Plumbing. An old house trap is a risk to your health. It is better to call for the services to clean-out the sewage.