June 20, 2024

What is a backhoe loader?

Plant lease companies provide a stellar service for construction and engineering projects throughout the country. One of the most versatile and useful pieces of construction equipment is the backhoe loader. This is used within many projects to excavate and dig on site, efficient in many different types of terrain. You might also have heard of it referred to as a backhoe, or a loader backhoe. What is a backhoe loader and why is it a useful plant hire option for you?

What is a backhoe loader used for?

The versatility of a backhoe loader makes it invaluable on countless tasks and construction sites across the country. They are used to help excavate the ground in preparation for the main stages of construction and are used to dig efficiently in all sorts of terrain types. 

What makes a backhoe loader?

The main body of the vehicle is like a tractor, with a backhoe mounted onto the back of it. There is also a digging bucket or shovel that is attached to the articulating arm of the machinery. A backhoe loader functions by digging the earth in a backwards motion, and that is where the term ‘backhoe’ comes from. Alongside the shovel, some backhoe loaders also have room for attachments through a front or rear-mounted coupler.

There are three main pieces of equipment that make up a backhoe loader when combined.

Tractor the rugged tyres make the backhoe loader great on any terrain, and the cab sits higher than other equipment used to move earth, with the basic steering controls making this one of the most intuitive and simple pieces of machinery to operate on site. 

Loader the large loader is attached at the front of the machine, with the shovel used to scoop soil, lift it up and move away, it is also used to smooth dirt and soil. This equipment is usually used to pick up loose materials on the ground and carry it away from the area. The loader is controlled whilst the tractor is operated, smoothing over areas.

Backhoe sitting on the back of the machine, the backhoe acts like an arm and is used to dig dirt, to lift and drop in other areas. It can move into tight spaces, effective against even compact earth and is the perfect tool to dig ditches. If you look at a backhoe loader like a human arm, you’ll see a wrist, an elbow, and the shoulder, in the form of the boom, stick, and bucket.

As you can see, the backhoe loader offers versatility and efficiency – two key ingredients for any efficient construction site and project. Once you realise that it’s a backhoe loader that you require for your operation, the next question relates to where and how you can hire plant equipment and machinery. Working with national plant hire companies that have the reputation and know-how to deliver on time, safely, and with the latest models, helps to ensure that your standards remain consistently high. Make the right choice of plant hire partner and it will help your construction projects to run smoothly, to run on time, with high safety standards, and within your budget.