June 20, 2024

What Are The Common Strategies To Address Roomba Error 15?

It is difficult to deal with the Error 15 message in your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. Note that the Roomba J and I models typically show an error 15 message after you reset their batteries. Note that you can get this error message with other Roomba models too. 

The Error 15 is a communication problem with the Roomba. This can be caused by internal components or a faulty Wi-Fi network. So, are you wondering how to fix Roomba error 15? Here are some effective tips to help you get started. 

Reasons to Get Error 15 on Your Roomba 

Identifying the cause of this error message will help you troubleshoot the issue effectively. The error usually comes from malfunctioning Roomba parts that can’t communicate with the app or its base. Even issues with the Wi-Fi router can cause this message to pop out. 

How to Troubleshoot Error 15?

Listed are some of the basic strategies to troubleshoot error 15 in Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. 

Reset the Cleaning Process 

A simple reset can fix the error 15 message. You just need to press the clean button on your Roomba and wait for a few moments. This will reset the cleaning process without any glitches. 

Remap Your Home 

A robotic vacuum cleaner works based on how you map your home. The error 15 message can pop up if there are issues with the older maps of your home. You can remap your home from the iRobot Home App. 

Factory Reset 

Always remember that this is the final option to troubleshoot the error 15 message. The complex internal issues of the robotic vacuum cleaner can be effectively sorted by performing a factory reset. You can use the application to factory reset your Roomba. 

So, these are a few steps with which you can address the error 15 message. You can learn more about addressing Roomba errors by visiting Cleany Home.