June 20, 2024

How professional Orlando water damage restoration saves you money?

The water damage strikes your Orlando home or business, your first instinct may be to try fixing the problem yourself to save money. However, attempting DIY water damage repair often leads to bigger issues down the road that end up costing more in repairs. Hiring a professional Orlando water damage restoration company is the best way to fully restore your property, prevent further damage, protect your health, and save money over time.

Benefits of calling in the experts right away 

Calling a professional water damage restoration company at the first sign of flooding or leaks provides several advantages over tackling it as a DIY project. Trained specialists have the proper equipment, methods, and expertise to:

  1. Quickly extract standing water to prevent mold growth and structural damage. Professional suction equipment removes gallons of floodwater from carpets, flooring, walls, and furnishings much faster than personal shop vacs. Speed is critical for water extraction before permanent damage sets in.
  2. Thoroughly dry out flooded areas. Truck-mounted drying systems circulate heated air to fully dry out materials instead of just superficial drying. Lingering moisture allows mold to take hold.
  3. Sanitize with antimicrobial treatments. Flooding contaminated with sewage or other pollutants requires special sanitizers to deactivate bacteria and prevent the spread of dangerous mold look at this site https://www.damagecontrol-911.com/.
  4. Restore your property to pre-loss condition. From repairing water-damaged drywall and flooring to saving cherished possessions, professional technicians have the tools and skills to make your home or business look like nothing ever happened.

DIY water removal risks further destruction to your property infusing walls, wood, and other materials with moisture through incomplete drying sets up ideal conditions for mold, warping, and decay. Only comprehensive professional water restoration prevents this secondary damage.

Health dangers of improper water damage repair

On top of property damage risks, attempting do-it-yourself water restoration also threatens the health of your family or employees if done incorrectly. Contaminated floodwater carries bacteria, chemicals, and dirt that turn into toxic mold growth if left untreated.  Inhaling airborne mold spores triggers allergic reactions, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and other illnesses. Prolonged exposure may also contribute to chronic pulmonary disease. Professional water removal and drying coupled with antimicrobial treatments is the only way to fully eradicate dangerous mold and bacteria. DIY projects also put your own safety in jeopardy. Electrocution risks surge when mixing water with electronics or power tools. Exposure to contaminated water could cause skin rashes, gastrointestinal issues, or worse. Leave hazardous water removal to qualified technicians with proper protective gear.

 Long-term cost savings

While calling in water damage experts requires an upfront investment, it saves considerable money over time by preventing recurring repairs and permanent losses. The true cost differences become clear when comparing total long-term expenditures:

DIY approach

  • Initial equipment costs: $500+ for wet/dry shop vac, fans, dehumidifiers, protective clothing
  • Hours of labor tearing out and replacing water-logged materials
  • Losses from mold damage to irreplaceable possessions
  • Eventual repairs to warped floors, peeling paint, and structural issues: $3,000+
  • Hospital bills from illness or injuries: $2,000+
  • Replacing water-damaged furniture and appliances: $5,000+Total 5-Year Cost: $10,500+

As demonstrated above, DIY water damage cleaning looks cheaper at first glance but ends up costing over three times more due to incomplete drying leading to recurring issues. Structural repairs, replacing destroyed possessions, and medical bills quickly exceed the price of comprehensive professional restoration services.