July 24, 2024

Tips For Working with Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed cabinets boast an unequaled reputation in modern interior design. While they are a known trademark of classic fashion, these drawers are unfathomably popular in contemporary interior design, thanks to their timeless properties, for example, impressive longevity and functionality. 

In this article, we have compiled tips for working with distressed kitchen cabinets. Read on to know how to make cabinets with distressed appearance a functional design feature of your kitchen. 

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

Distressed cabinetries are defined by the appearance of weathered or rustic wood. They typically feature natural wood in terms of material. While they come in all kinds of styles in terms of shape, size, and ornamentation, distressed kitchen cabinets are naturally classic kitchen cabinet designs. 

In contemporary interior design, however, distressed cabinets are mostly valued for the following reasons. 

#1: Simplicity in Styling: Kitchen cabinets with distressed wood appearance are very easy to use as interior décor materials. You can blend them with almost everything, from natural items to colors, and material finishes in achieving any interior design you want. 

#2: Functionality: Distressed cabinets are naturally longer-lasting. Considering that they all feature straight-grained surfaces courtesy of bare wood material components, distressed cabinetries can easily absorb stains and paint as well as resist scratches and smudges. 

How to Work With Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

  • Incorporate Natural Décor Materials

With their all-natural appearance, distressed kitchen cabinets can seamlessly look perfect when incorporated with natural items, for example, green plants, flowers, and wood-based hardware. Hence, to work effortlessly to achieve the design of your choice, you must try mixing these drawers with nature in terms of interior décor materials. 

  • Go for Metallic Hardware and Colorful Accents

Are you a fan of modern kitchen designs but have been taken over by the wave of classic-styled cabinets? If yes, then why not install distressed cabinets and mix them with colors as well as metallic finishes? Your kitchen will not only look trendier but also more functional in terms of design. 

This 2023, top trending modern kitchen design are featuring natural wood cabinets paired with colors in terms of accentual features and whiny metallic finishes in terms of cabinet accessories, hardware, and kitchenware. 

  • Consider Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The long-lasting properties of distressed kitchen cabinets are arguably a guarantee where proper maintenance is an important consideration. If you don’t take good care of distressed cabinets, for example, regarding daily cleaning routines, and time-to-time repair of broken fixtures, they can look old-fashioned, worn-out, and so, ugly. 

Final Thoughts

With distressed cabinets trending at the top among kitchen cabinet designs, the best thing you can do is to know how to work with them. Knowing how to work with these drawers is the surest ticket to enjoying their countless benefits. The good this is that working with distressed kitchen cabinets is as easy as watching TV.