April 23, 2024

The Proper Response to an Emergency Plumbing Situation

Plumbing emergencies can be quite a headache. Repairing one may cause a dent on your finances and is a major stress in one’s home. Among the most common plumbing emergencies that you may encounter at home include burst pipes, sewer backup, overflowing toilet, clogged sinks and drains and water heater malfunctions.

These major emergencies can disrupt your day-to-day activities and may pose health and safety risks at home. They can also occur during the most inconvenient hours, adding more stress to a homeowner. Problems like these should be dealt with right now, unfortunately, at whatever cost it may take. Emergency plumbing services in Croydon can help you resolve such issues. However, before help arrives, here are some of the basic things you need to do to properly address a plumbing emergency.

Turn Off Your Main Water Supply

For pipe burst or overflowing toilets, the first thing to do while you wait for emergency plumbing services to arrive is to control the level of damage that the plumbing emergency may do to your home. Water damage is the most common plumbing issue that comes with such emergencies. You should head immediately to your main valve and shut it off while waiting for help.

Some homes feature automatic shutoff valves that do not require you to run and to turn off this device manually. However, it is still essential to be aware where your shutoff valves are located. Different homes are designed differently, including their home plumbing. Turning off the water would be very inconvenient when you do not know where to locate it.

Mop Up the Area

After turning off the main water supply, the next thing to address is the current water damage that is already inflicted in your home. Grab a mop and dry up the area as best as you can. Remove furniture and other appliances that have been exposed to water to avoid any or further damage. Such practice can prevent your appliances from being completely damaged with water. It will also minimise the risk of slipping and other accidents that may be caused by water pooling in your home.

Call for Emergency Plumbing Services Fast

While turning off the main water supply, you can grab your phone and hire emergency plumbing specialists Croydon tradesmen to get professional help immediately. Most plumbing contractors offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, but may require an additional fee. In choosing a licenced plumber for the job, be sure that the contractor you work with provides emergency services, for circumstances like this. It would be difficult to work with a plumber or plumbing contractor that does not feature emergency plumbing services.

As for plumbing emergencies such as gas leaks from your water heating system, you should react more quickly. Immediately open windows and doors to allow the gas leak to escape outdoors and prevent any risk of poisoning. It is advisable to turn off your electrical supply and leave your home premises immediately for such plumbing emergencies. Work with a gas fitting specialist to resolve such major plumbing emergencies.

Always remember to focus and to stay calm during plumbing emergencies or any type of emergency in your home. This helps you do the necessary remedies calmly, avoiding additional accidents along the way.