June 24, 2024

Revitalize Your Concrete Projects: Expert Solutions from RGM Concrete in Rockwood, TN

Because it is strong and can be used in many ways, concrete has become an important part of many building projects in Rockwood, TN. However, just like any other material, it can have problems that make it look bad or break. At RGM Concrete, we know how important it is to keep concrete buildings that look good and last a long time. As the best concrete builders in Rockwood, TN, we can help you figure out how to fix common concrete issues.

1. Breaking Up

Cracks in concrete are one of the most common problems with it. Many things can cause these cracks, such as shrinkage during the hardening process, temperature changes, and overload.

The Solution: At RGM Concrete, we suggest fixing cracks right away so they don’t get bigger or deeper. A simple concrete filler or sealer might be enough for small holes. But if there are bigger cracks in the concrete, they need to be looked at and fixed by a professional to make sure the building lasts and is safe.

2. Changes in Color

Problem: Discoloration can happen if the concrete cures unevenly, if different batches are used, or if the concrete has flaws. It doesn’t affect structural stability, but it can detract from the building’s appearance.

The Solution: Depending on the severity of the discoloration and your goals, we can offer a number of treatments, such as cleaning, staining, or resurfacing. Regular cleaning and sealing can also prevent darkening from happening again.

3. Spelling

The Problem: Spalling is when the top of the concrete flakes or peels off. This can happen because of freeze-thaw cycles, bad installation, or not using enough concrete mix.

The Solution: The best way to stop spalling is to start treating it early. Depending on how bad the spalling is, we may suggest fixing the damaged areas or, in the worst cases, resurfacing the concrete. If you seal and drain properly, water won’t be able to get in and make the problem worse.

4. Making Peace

The Problem: When the ground below the concrete changes or compacts, it causes the surface to crack and become uneven. This can happen because of erosion, or the dirt isn’t packed down enough.

The Solution: If there are only minor settlement problems, mudjacking or slabjacking can lift and level the concrete. However, rebuilding may be needed if there is a large settlement. At RGM Concrete, our team makes sure that the ground is properly prepared and that we use high-quality materials to keep future settlement to a minimum.

In Conclusion

We at RGM Concrete are committed to providing you with the best concrete options for all your needs. Our team of skilled concrete contractors in Rockwood, TN, can fix any problems with your concrete buildings, like cracks, discoloration, spalling, or settlement, and make them look like new again. Make sure that nothing real is getting in the way of your project’s success. Please contact RGM Concrete right away so that we can work together to build a strong base.

It’s important to remember that quickly addressing real problems can save you time and money in the long run. If you need professional concrete workers in Rockwood, Tennessee, you can count on RGM Concrete to provide reliable, effective solutions that fit your needs exactly.