May 21, 2024

Lowering Prices on Energy and Making the Most of Your Home AC

The weather is warming up, which means summer is coming soon. Summer is a great time to enjoy the sun, but electricity prices can be very high. Here are three simple steps you may take this summer to spend less energy. Enjoy the nice weather and relax!

Play With Your Temperature

There is nothing nicer than walking inside a cold, air-conditioned house on a hot summer day. However, air conditioning may be a big financial burden, as anyone who has received a hefty energy bill can attest. Here are a few low-cost strategies for keeping your home cool.

Keep your house at a pleasant temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. Your energy bills could increase by up to 10% for each degree you turn the thermostat down.

Vents in empty spaces should be carefully closed. Instead of freezing empty bedrooms or guest rooms, you may route the frigid air where you and your family spend the most of your time by sealing the vents.

Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. These gadgets allow you to program different temperatures for different periods of the day. If no one is home during the day, you may, for instance, set the thermostat to drop throughout the day, then raise it just before everyone returns home at night.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you may enjoy all the benefits of air conditioning without breaking the wallet.

Utilizing Energy Saving Machines

Due to the drying effects of the air conditioner and its expensive operation, the air in your home may become stuffy and uncomfortable. Fans are a much more cost-effective way to stay cool, and they might even make your home’s air quality better. Since they effectively and softly move the air around the room, ceiling fans are great energy savers. When it’s sweltering outside, fans may circulate cool air around the house. To save energy, they can also be utilized with air conditioners.

OFF the lights

One of the most prevalent sources of energy waste in houses is lighting. When leaving the house, people frequently forget to turn off or leave the lights on in empty rooms. This generates heat and requires electricity, making your air conditioner work harder and costing you more money to run. Switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED lighting is one way to reduce waste. LED lights are more durable and produce less heat. You might also try closing the drapes or blinds to let in natural light during the day and turning off the lights when not in use. You can dramatically lower your monthly bills and energy consumption if you follow these simple guidelines.

With a few easy tips, you can keep your house cooler in the summer, but there are times when bigger issues need to be dealt with. If your air conditioner isn’t working or you need a new fan installed in Conroe, Texas, call Easco Air. We can assist you in swiftly restoring a comfortable temperature in your house. AC repair in Conroe, TX is simple when you call us.