May 27, 2024

How to determine which Wooden Flooring Option would Suit your Needs

Have you been contemplating installing engineered timber flooring? Do not let anything deter you from making the decision. One among the three kinds of hard flooring, the engineered timber flooring canberra would be popular for use throughout the home. However, before you consider diving headfirst into buying your first engineered wooden flooring that you come across, ensure to compare it with the popular competitors – sold wood floors and laminate wooden flooring.

You might wonder what wooden flooring option would suit your needs the best. Let us delve into some of the aspects of different wooden floorings briefly.


The top layer of euro wooden flooring would comprise a thin piece of solid wood. However, laminate could appear different from the engineered wooden flooring. However, it might not be easy to tell the difference until you were an expert getting down on your knees close to the flooring to determine the difference.

Sound quality

Consider the sound before finalizing the wooden flooring. The laminate flooring NZ would sound hollow, while the solid wood floor does not make much noise. However, the engineered wooden flooring might go either way. Most provide hollow sound while some do not.

Damage control

The solid wooden floor would be highly durable. It could be refinished when damaged. However, the laminate and the engineered wooden flooring options have been relatively thin on the top layer. Unlike the engineered wooden flooring, the laminate could not be refinished.

The price

The price of engineered wooden flooring would be relatively hard to determine with any certainty, as solid wooden flooring. The price tends to fluctuate without any reason. The natural product would make the price move around based on the availability of specific types of woods. Due to it taking more of the natural product, you might come across more fluctuating prices of the solid wood floors as compared to engineered wooden flooring. However, the price of the laminate flooring option would be affected by the demand for the product.