June 20, 2024

Hot Water Heaters Are Essential

A working hot water heater in your home is essential. People can get by with cool water for drinking and cooking. Sometimes cool water is fine for cleaning, but hot water is essential for warm baths, showers, and deep cleaning. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to take a nice hot shower only to discover the hot water is not working.

What Can You Do If You Find Yourself Without Hot Water?

One of the first things you should do is check your hot water heater. Take note of any leaks, noises, or smells that may be coming from the unit. You can definitely get by for a little bit without hot water, but you should promptly contact Pioneer Plumbing and Septic to come out and evaluate your unit. The trained repair specialists will be able to properly diagnose the problem and discuss repair or replacement options with you.

Signs That Your Hot Water Heater May Be Ready For Replacement

In some cases, hot water heaters simply break down and need immediate replacement. In most cases, there will be signs that the unit is on its way out. Knowing what these signs are will help you to plan accordingly. One major sign that you may need new hot water here is the age of the current one. Typically, hot water heaters last between 8 and 12 years. If you know your hot water heater is approaching the 8-year mark, you will want to start budgeting for a new one.

Another sign that you may need hot water heater repair in Houston, TX, and may need replacement is the appearance of your water. If you notice your water seems rusty or is definitely discolored, you will want to have your unit inspected promptly. Safe drinking water is essential, discolored or rusty water could be caused by a rust or mineral build-up. Once this build-up occurs within the hot water heater, the internal components are compromised, and the unit will need replacement. Never drink water that is discolored, once you notice something amiss with your water, contact Pioneer promptly.

Strange noises coming from your hot water heater should be inspected. Sediment can build up and cause pressure within the hot water heater. Do not evaluate this situation on your own, in a worst-case scenario, the unit could explode. Any strange noises should not be ignored. In addition to the strange noises, if you notice a leak from your hot water heater, there could be a crack in the tank. Leaks do not always mean replacement is required, but repairs will be necessary.

Gas Or Electric?

You need a new hot water heater, but now you are not sure which is right for you. The installation professionals at Pioneer Plumbing and Septic will be able to help you decide which option may be best for your home. Some basic points to consider would be cost and ease of installation. Once you make the choice for your home, the installation technician will be able to help you with ordering and then installation of your new hot water heater.