July 25, 2024

Why Should You Consider New Siding?

Home renovation projects range far and wide, so it can take quite a bit of time to come up with the proper game plan you need. Although many people choose to do work in their yard or in the interior, some may want to consider getting new siding on their house. Though not homes have siding, it can help act as a barrier from Mother Nature while also altering the appearance of your home.

Even if you think your current siding is fine, getting a replacement from a trusted siding contractor like Resistance Exteriors is sure to be a worthwhile investment. Instead of shrugging off the idea, try considering the following factors first.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The exterior of your house is what other people notice first, especially strangers who are not going to be coming inside. Even though the adage says to “never judge a book by its cover,” it is what we do as part of human nature. This means that when people see a drab-looking house, they will assume that’s what it is like inside, too.

New siding can make even the oldest of homes appear modern. You can choose a style that reflects UV rays, so you will not have to feel worried about sun spots or weather damage. Siding can also be easier to care for than paint, which is likely to chip and fade.

Boost Energy-Efficiency

When homes are aged, they can become riddled with gaps and homes, which can cause issues like drafts. When this happens during the winter, you are bound to turn up your heater, which could lead to higher utility bills and even overworking your device. In the summer, sunlight can come through these gaps and make your home feel even hotter, so your AC is turned up more.

A professional siding contractor can help you find siding that can seal up these open areas and is made of material that can reflect temperature rather than absorb it. Some great options for this goal include stucco, wood, and insulated vinyl.

Safer Home Structure

Rain and snow can become a big issue whenever old siding begins to gape or if a home has no siding at all. This moisture can find its way into the home and cause issues such as water damage or mold growth. While these are severe enough, the wood used to build your home is bound to become soak and even rot. The longer this lasts, the weaker the structure becomes.

Though it might seem far-fetched, severe cases of wood rot could lead to a part of your home collapsing. This can lead to property damage and could also cause harm to you or your loved ones. As stated before, in regard to energy efficiency, the right type of siding can keep even the harshest of Wisconsin winters from causing havoc.

Better Home Value

Say you want to sell your home one day. You will want to make sure you can get the most money possible for it. For this to even be a possibility, you will need to make some home adjustments. Because of the benefits mentioned above, new siding is a surefire way to go. You are also sure to get more house hunters coming your way because the siding will make your home awe-inspiring when it goes on realtors’ websites.

To ensure your resale value will be great, you should talk with a real estate broker and a contractor from Resistance Exteriors to find your best option. Every material has its own advantages and issues, which makes the housing market worth fluctuate, too.

Trust Wisconsin’s #1 Siders

With all of this in mind, you should be ready for new siding after all. If you intend to make this a reality, don’t trust just anyone to get it done. With the mission to keep all parts of a home weather-resistant, Resistance Exteriors is the go-to roofing and siding contractor in Wales, WI.

They know that you want your siding to last for years, so they only use the best materials on the market to get the job done. Even with this in mind, their variety of choices is still broad so that every type of personal taste can be met without worry.

Once they install your siding, you can bet that they will help you maintain it and repair it any time a disaster strikes. They are always ready to assist you and will be over at your home even at a moment’s notice. All projects come with fantastic warranties, too, so that you can feel more secure with their work.

Your home’s siding might be something you overlook, but it can make or break the way your home looks and functions. If you are ready to give your home a proper update or need a little more guidance first, contact Resistance Exteriors for a free consultation.