May 21, 2024

Tips for Moving To a New Home


Moving is like that inevitable process every person goes through at least once in their lives, and the entire process of it can be overwhelming regardless of how much help you can get. Nonetheless it’s all the things that must be done once you’re in the midst of moving.

While the moving period can be a chaotic, there is always a way to smoothen the process in a few ways. Here are a few tips that we think would be very useful for people who are planning on moving any time soon.

How to Make Your Move Easier

  1. Renovations of the New Place Beforehand

Your new home must be prepped before you move into it because otherwise getting things done after the move would be a very tough task to deal with, and only add to the discomfort that would already be there till you finally settle in.

So when moving to a new place, there are bound to be certain things that require some repairing or anything in that may need to be worked on beforehand. That includes things like plumbing issues, painting, installing thermostats and lighting fixtures, baby-proofing the home if you happen to have children. It’s always wise to book professionals in advance to cut back on the cost of having all these kinds of work done around the home – as if the whole process of moving isn’t expensive already, so you may as well cut cost where you can.

  1. Carefully Move Kitchen Appliances

When moving your high end kitchen appliances to the new home, this isn’t a task you can undertake yourself. You may need professional help, people that would ideally know how to strap a refrigerator in a pickup truck for instance. Cleaning out the contents of the refrigerator is an easy task, and so is moving the shelves within the appliance, but moving it and how to do it isn’t a one man job.

In the same way if you wish to move the stove oven to the new home, you would have to make sure the gas is turned off from the main supply first. Disassembling the appliance as much as it can be done is easy, but you would need help with the gas connection situation and moving the appliance, as well as installing it in the new home.

  1. Declutter

Moving out means taking everything out of the cupboards, storage, attics, and garage and packing it up for the new home. But in the midst of all this you would definitely come across so many things that aren’t in use anymore – that goes for anything from clothes to toys, and even some unused furniture. This is a good opportunity to declutter and give away things to Goodwill or for donations, and this way you don’t have to take unnecessary things to the new home! Think like this, less to pack and less things to move, meaning lesser things and quicker to unpack when you get to your new home.

  1. Pack Wisely

The way you pack things is everything when it’s about moving. Like we said the process in itself can be overwhelming and packing up your things to take to the new home is one of the most important and time consuming aspects of the whole moving process. Here’s how you can pack your things wisely.

  • When boxed are packed and taped up, keep the heavy boxes at the bottom of the stack. And when piling them into the moving truck or your car, put them in first before any other.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes. This will prevent things from breaking and will also save you from getting more unnecessary packaging material.
  • Label boxes to make it easier to navigate what goes where, and what things are in which boxes.
  • Lastly, consider hiring a moving company and book them in advance. There are several movers available everywhere and you can find one with the most efficient service and best price. It’s unfair to ask your friends who are already too old to help you with moving just for a couple of beers and pizza in return.
  1. Carry Essentials on You

The day of the move, pack a small bag with your essentials in it. And by essentials we mean a set of clothes, your toothbrush, moisturizer, body spray and anything else that you require on the daily. Because it is very unlikely that you would get to do laundry or run any other errands in the first day or two of the move. That is the period of taking a rest and then getting down to unpacking and setting up the new place.

What Else

There are a hundred other tips you can get from people around you and even the internet when it’s about moving. But the above 5 that we mentioned are some of the most important tips that ideally should be tackled as soon as possible and are a crucial part of moving. So if you know anybody that’s going to need the advice, then this is it.