June 24, 2024


If you’re a newbie to diamond painting, you’ve landed in the perfect place! Here are detailed instructions regarding how to begin. Anyone can accomplish it because it’s so simple! A canvas, a diamond applicator, wax, as well as a tray are all included in your diamond painting set. Take everything out of the box. Have a look at custom diamond art

Place the canvas on a spotless, level surface. You’ll see a grid with your diamonds identified with numbers that equate to symbols printed immediately on the canvas. You must position the diamonds just on canvas in accordance with the symbols’ appropriate hue. To begin with, pick a diamond that is only one shade. Diamonds should be placed gently inside the tray. The diamonds eventually settle right-hand side up and face the proper direction for the applicator to grab them if you held it at a small angle then shake thoroughly back and forth. To operate at once, only a little portion of the protective plastic should be peeled back. Working on a tiny piece at a time is the best and simplest approach. Whenever you’re not focusing on the artwork, it should be covered.

Divide your diamond artwork into sections. Both sealing tape and washi tape are acceptable. Attach the adhesive to the center of the canvas. Continue to segment the canvas into portions and affix the tape in both the vertical and horizontal directions. This will enable you to remove the clear cover in pieces without exposing a substantial region.

  • Add a few drills to the diamond engraving tray after choosing the color you want to start with. To keep stuff orderly, work with just one shade at a time.
  • Shake the tray firmly from the side gently side to distribute the diamonds uniformly and arrange them throughout the grooves.
  • Wax should be applied to the applicator’s tip. You’ll be able to gather the diamonds with this. The drills can additionally be picked up that used a tweezer instead of wax.
  • Apply pressure with the applicator tool’s point towards the diamond’s smooth side.
  • Carefully push the diamond onto the correct sign after peeling back the plastic layer.
  • The best approach is to begin at a corner. Part of the protective plastic should be peeled back. To start applying the diamonds to the canvas, cut every tape in the center and unwrap one part at a time.
  • The wax is provided in a pink square well with the kit. To refill the brush tip in wax, peel aside the plastic laminate covering the wax. The diamonds then can be picked up because they have easily adhered to the applicator’s base. Grab the diamond and gently place it on the painting next to the correct symbol.
  • Never forget to apply a little extra wax if indeed the pen looks like it’s losing its capacity to pick up diamonds. Continue till you’re finished!
  • Putting a good diamond artwork in an appropriate frame and hanging it in your home is a suggested finishing touch.