April 23, 2024

Should I Turn Off My Heater When I’m Not Home?

Furnace maintenance is a vital element of keeping your house in the most comfortable state. While many people feel that turning off your heating when you are not at home saves energy, there are certain concerns involved. At Performance Based Plumbing, we’ll go over why it’s critical to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of shutting off your furnace when you’re not at home so that you can make the best option for your personal needs.

What Are the Advantages of Turning Off Your Heater When You’re Not Home?

When you are not present, you can save money by turning off your heating. The most obvious is financial planning. Heating systems consume a lot of energy, and with each passing hour, more money is spent on keeping the house warm. In addition to money benefits, turning off the heater conserves electricity, which is good for the environment. Environmentally friendly activities like this can help maintain our fragile climate, even if we only do modest things like avoiding using heating when we’re not at home. There is also the issue of safety, as unattended heaters may cause unintended mishaps or start fires. When considering whether or not to turn off one’s heater when no one is around, all of these aspects should be addressed.

What Are the Dangers of Leaving it on?

The major danger of leaving your heater on when you’re not home is that excessive temperatures can damage pipes and other components in your system. Plumbing systems may freeze and burst due to ice buildup in pipes if temperatures dip too low inside your home; this can be incredibly expensive to fix. Furthermore, if temperatures climb too high during the hot summer months, condensation may form in air ducts, leading to mold growth or other problems.

Will Turning My Heater on and off Damage It?

Older furnaces may struggle to heat up fast after being switched off for an extended period of time, resulting in poor performance as well as additional energy expenditures incurred from having to run the furnace for longer than usual after returning home. It’s also worth remembering that older furnaces may need more regular maintenance if they’re turned on and off frequently throughout the day or week. The best practice is determined by how old or efficient your furnace is, as well as the temperature swings that occur outside during each season.

Call Performance Based Plumbing to Help You Determine What’s Right for Your Home!

Consider all variables before determining whether or not it makes sense for you to switch off your heater when you’re not at home—and ensure it’s done properly if that’s what works best for you. For example, suppose your area’s winter temperatures frequently fall below freezing; leaving a space heater on may be a better alternative than turning off your complete system. In that case, it still saves energy while protecting against pipe damage caused by cold temperatures. Finally, knowing how frequently and why you should maintain your furnace may help make these selections easier! Contact us at Performance Based Plumbing to learn more about furnace maintenance in Sonora, CA!