April 23, 2024

Recognizing The Differences Between Vole vs. Mouse 

The problem of voles and mice is not something new in Round Rock. Even though many people find these critters adorable, and some even keep them as pets, they are not so fun when they cause problems in your house, garden, or lawn. That being said, voles and mice do not look very different. They have similar bodies, body color, and tails. 

However, in order to effectively remove them from your property, you must learn to distinguish them. Every pest requires a different termination method. If you suspect an infestation in your house, contact Round Rock pest control professionals before the problem progresses. Meanwhile, read this blog to find out the differences between a vole and a mouse. 

Are mice and voles the same?

While mice and voles are not the same species, they belong to the same Muroidea superfamily. Their subfamilies are different; however, they are relatives of each other. No doubt why they look so similar!

Both mice and voles are furry animals of similar colors. Their characteristics are enough to confuse anyone who is not an expert in this topic. Here are some shared features of voles and mice:

  • Both have round ears and are 5 to 8 inches long. 
  • They have gray or brown fur or hair. 
  • Both are active throughout the year, except for some species of mice which hibernate during the cold months. 
  • They are nocturnal and have teeth for gnawing. 
  • They collect and store food for the winter. 

Voles vs. mice: Social Behavior and Diet 

You might be able to differentiate between a vole and a mouse based on their social behavior more than their appearance. This is because voles typically roam in groups, and mice are more like long wolves outdoors. The reason for this is that voles have various predators in nature, while mice are less problematic and do not have a lot of enemies. Therefore, mice have better chances of survival even when they are alone. 

Regarding their diet, mice love munching on seeds, while voles love roots, bark, and seedlings. However, these pests will eat anything. Just because you do not have exactly what they are looking for, that does not mean they will not invade your property. 

Problems caused by voles vs. mouse 

The problems presented by voles and mice are different. If you are dealing with one of them in your house, it is highly likely that you are dealing with mice. This is because voles usually dig tunnels and create dead grass runways in the garden. They also like to munch on garden plants and tree bark. On the other hand, mice tend to invade your property and kitchen for food. 

If you have one of these rodents infesting your property, get professional pest control today.