June 24, 2024

Portable Evaporative Air Conditioners for Your Use

When the temperature begins to get hotter, using the traditional air conditioner increases the electricity bill. When you’re thinking of options to reduce energy bills, portable evaporative air conditioners come into the picture. It is cost-effective and will keep you cool throughout the summer months. The best solution is to change your electricity provider to a more reliable one, such as Just Energy, which will offer you affordable plans and not overpower your electrical bill. If you want to discover the best portable air conditioners for your use, you’re in the right spot. Keep reading to find out things you should know to make the ideal choice.


One common misconception about portable evaporative air conditioners is that size doesn’t matter. However, that only holds for the traditional air conditioning unit. To pick the right portable evaporative air conditioners for your use, know the ideal size, or known as aircon BTU. Choosing a cooling unit that’s too small for your space would only cause issues. Additionally, it won’t be as effective because it will find it challenging to lower temperatures. To prevent this issue, you should always measure your room size before purchasing a portable air cooling unit. To calculate the CFM:

  1. Measure the length of the room in square feet.
  2. Calculate the ceiling height in feet and multiply the two numbers together.
  3. Divide the number you get by two.

You also have to ensure that you get the capacity right, and this depends on the number of occupants in the home. If the occupants are more than two in the same room simultaneously, you should increase your result by 20%.

Water Supply Options

When considering portable air evaporative air conditioners for your use, consider the water supply option. Some portable cooling option requires you to connect it to a water pipe using a hose. The water comes in through your pipes, and it passes through the hose to wet the cooling pad. Alternatively, another model type is those that come with internal water containers. You can also look out for portable evaporative coolers that offer you both options for versatility.

Tank Size

You should also think about the tank size you will need to cool your home using portable evaporative air conditioners effectively. If it comes with a refill tank, the size is vital when choosing your best option. The water volume your air cooler’s tank can hold determines how long it can work effectively without a refill. Most models don’t work efficiently once the water runs out and starts to operate as a regular fan. Most large-sized air cooling unit comes with bigger tanks, but this usually varies. Go for one that offers you the ideal balance between the tank and cooler size.