June 23, 2024

How Do Dentists Help Children?

Dental care is important at any age, but some people may be intrigued about how children’s teeth are treated. Do they ultimately fall out to become adult teeth? However, even baby teeth deserve maintenance! Pediatric dentists provide the following services in addition to normal cleanings:

Education in Oral Health

Children are not fully conscious of their bodies. When their teeth become loose or fall out, kids may become excited about the tooth fairy, but dentists can teach children about what happens when they lose their baby teeth and why brushing and caring for their teeth is so important.

Additionally, pediatric dentists may give parents information and tools to assist them in promoting their child’s dental health. Many dental clinics provide educational materials, including books and coloring pages, to help parents learn proper oral hygiene practices. Furthermore, many dentists provide free consultations to examine a child’s specific oral health needs.

Dental Sealants

Although most people connect dentists with tooth repair, they may also play an important role in preventative care. Dentists can administer sealants and fluoride treatments, for example, to assist in protecting children’s teeth. Sealants are thin, clear coatings that are put on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, which are the most vulnerable to decay. Fluoride treatments involve the application of a fluoride solution to the teeth, which strengthens and protects them against decay. Children can help reduce their risk of cavities by getting sealants and fluoride treatments on a regular basis.


Braces aren’t only for youngsters anymore! They may be used on both children’s and adults’ teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, orthodontic treatment should begin around the age of seven. Children at this age have a mixture of baby and adult teeth, making orthodontic procedures easier. Furthermore, at this age, bones are still developing, making them more sensitive to tooth movement. As a result, therapy at this window of opportunity may be more effective and endure for a shorter period of time.

While some parents are concerned that braces may be uncomfortable or difficult for their children, modern braces are more comfortable and efficient than before. Your child can benefit from a straighter smile with the assistance of a competent orthodontist.

Some youngsters may even be able to wear aligners instead of braces! Aligners, which are custom-made to fit your teeth, are less visible than braces and may be removed when eating. This is a more convenient option for some, especially because some youngsters detest the extra maintenance that braces demand.

Discovering a Gentle Dentist

Many kids are terrified of dentists. As a result, parents must opt for one that provides relaxing therapy to their children so that they will feel comfortable coming for regular exams. Wilton Smiles is one such place where you can find a pediatric dentist in Wilton, CT. We accomplish this by ensuring that kids understand our goals before commencing treatment with us. This reduces overall stress, resulting in less pain and a happier conclusion.

If you select Wilton Smiles, you will never have to hear your child complain about their pediatric dentistry appointment. Take your children to our client for regular dental care as soon as they begin to grow teeth!