July 24, 2024

How can you get the best asphalt seal coating contractor?

A newly installed asphalt pavement will look good in people’s eyes. It is the chance to improve the appeal of residential and commercial properties. However, it will lose its shine fast because of vehicles, foot traffic, and harsh weather that can cause asphalt to fade and crack. You will know the benefits of hiring a contractor at Asphalt Contractor New Mexico to do the project.

Job scope

The scope of your asphalt seal coating will go beyond the size of the area to be seal-coated. When you let your asphalt pavement fall into disrepair, it will need more work to fix. There is another problem that also affects the price is the location. The steep driveway is more challenging for the contractor than a flat parking lot. You may need an asphalt seal coating contractor to repaint stripes, adding to your final cost.


The equipment used by a contractor will cause property damage and injury. They must have insurance that will cover these unusual events at work. They must have worker’s compensation to protect injuries to workers. When anyone gets hurt on the job, you like to ensure that you, as the owner, will not be responsible to them. It is why you want to know whether the contractor is insured and you don’t have any problem when this happens.


You can use the online resources to look for reviews on the asphalt seal coating contractors you are considering. Reviews are pretty tricky, so looking at the overall score is better. Also, it helps when you read the reviews from 1-star and 5-star reviews. It is unusual for customers to give 1 star for certain things. It might be because they don’t like the contractor’s attitude, or it took more than one day to get back to work. However, they did an excellent work, as they say. Others will gush over the best seal coating job the contractor did for them. The review will sometimes be unclear and over-enthusiastic, which you already know.


You can ask every contractor to give their written warranty with their bid. These are different warranties: one is for seal coat products, and the second is for installation. You must know what is covered, under what circumstances, and how long. You can ask whether the extended or expanded warranty is available. It is essential when there is a more considerable asphalt seal coating work.


A licensed contractor must show their license that they are skilled and knowledgeable in the work they are working with. Ensure the contractor gives their license number and the agency who granted it. It is how you will confirm that their license is legal and current.


Price is the one you will think about when looking for a contractor. There are better choices than choosing the cheapest contractor. The contractor you hire must be new to the place, but they are familiar with seal coating. They may be trying to get a new business, which is a risk, but it will be worth it when they can show at least a few quality jobs. When you have a more significant project, you can check it on a small part. Having different vendors available for any project you like to do is the best idea.

When hiring the best asphalt contractor, you must research and look for references and reviews. You must get more information, like years in business, and insist on showing their bond and insurance. Get the job requirements, timeline, products used, and warranty in writing.