June 16, 2024

Do You Have a Troublesome Clog? Hydrojetting Can Clear It Out Quickly

If you have a troublesome clog, it may need a more drastic procedure to clear it out than the snake. If this is the case, City Plumbing in Philadelphia can take care of this for you. In cases when clogs are particularly cumbersome, hydrojetting may be a possibility, but why would you need such a drastic procedure?

Why Would You Need Hydrojetting?

You may need hydrojetting for several purposes. For example, your drains run slowly, your drains overflow, you have stubborn clogs or blockages that you cannot clear in any other way, or you need a preventative service.

Your home or restaurant may have a significant buildup of grease and sludge, tree roots may have invaded your pipes, hair or silt is building up, or scale is accumulating in the pipes. These situations need a more drastic solution than smaller clogs.

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

You may have a clog in the main sewer line, but it could also be in your kitchen. In either case, your plumber may use a hydrojetting machine. This machine forces highly pressurized water through your pipes. As the water travels through the pipes, it breaks up the clogs.

What Can Hydrojetting Remove?

Hydrojetting removes hair, sand, and silt. It can eliminate tree roots that invade your pipes. It is an excellent way to remove the grease and food particles that build up in restaurant kitchens. You can also use a snaking tool to clear a clog, but hydrojetting works better because snaking cannot clear out all of the particles in the pipe.

Can a Homeowner Use This Method of Clearing a Clog?

Professionals do not recommend that you use hydrojetting as a DIY project. That is because the water that comes through the machine is highly pressurized, and it can damage your pipes if you do not know what you are doing. You may also be unaware of the areas where you should not use a hydrojetting machine, but professional plumbers are. Professional plumbers know when hydrojetting is necessary, and they know how to use the hydrojetting machine correctly.

Hydrojetting and Tree Roots

Hydrojetting can eliminate tree roots from inside pipes, but it does not work in all cases. Before your plumber begins work, he or she will need to send a camera down into your pipe to locate the clog. The inspection also serves as a way for the plumber to determine whether or not the pipes can tolerate the hydrojetting procedure. If they find the pipes to be old or weak, they will not take the chance. If, on the other hand, the pipes show minimal damage, you will be able to have hydrojetting done on your tree roots.

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