June 20, 2024

Commanding a Fleet While Miles Away

Imagine if the entire Roman army, commanded by one man, could have had greater control over every battle with just a device to talk into. The Roman Empire might have stretched farther and lasted longer. Imagine you have that same control through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Foresight Intelligence gives you that level of power and control over your entire fleet, no matter where you are or where they are.

Using AI to Communicate to a Fleet

AI technology is being incorporated into dozens of applications and workforce areas. Learning to use it isn’t really that hard since the AI is actually running in the background most of the time. In this instance, controlling your entire fleet with voice commands is supported by AI technology, but you don’t have to learn how to use AI. Instead, you open an app, message a team, or use voice control to dispatch trucks or equipment to specific locations.

Fleet Intelligence SMS

Using fleet intelligence SMS helps you send a singular message to everyone on a team simultaneously. If you have team members who speak a different language, it isn’t a problem because this software and app can translate and pass the message along. Nothing is lost in translation, either.

Multi-Fleet Management

Do you have multiple fleets all working in different locations or on the road heading in opposite directions? Foresight Intelligence makes it really easy to track your fleets and communicate with drivers. Trucks and equipment can’t get lost or off-track when you use multi-fleet management tools. Find any employee, any truck, or any piece of equipment anywhere at any time.

Other Services Offered by Foresight Intelligence

That’s not all. Here are some other services that we offer:

Attachment Tracking Boxes

Add to the suite of fleet management tools by investing in Foresight Intelligence’s attachment tracking devices. Connect them under the dash or in tire wells of trucks and equipment. They send signals back to your device and the app. Monitor speed, direction, and location, and predict with accuracy when a truck or equipment will arrive at its destination.

Alert Triage Center (ATC)

Devices combine with SMS notifications to let you know when something in your fleet is in danger of breaking down. It’s hard to predict when a truck’s engine is overheating or hydraulic oil levels are low. With this package of services and trackers, it takes the guesswork out of knowing the impending mechanical failures of machines in your fleet. You can financially prepare in advance for these issues so that when you are notified that there is a problem, you are ready.

Want to See What Foresight Intelligence Can Do for You?

Need a demonstration of these services? Contact Foresight Intelligence to discuss a meeting and see how these devices, apps, and equipment work in real-time. A full explanation and sales pitch are given so that you know exactly what this will look like for your industry and your fleet. Purchasing and financing are available to fleet managers and business owners as needed.