April 23, 2024

Are LED Mirrors Worth Buying?

LED mirrors are highly functional and beneficial to your bathroom space. They can improve your entire bathroom area, making it more impressive for your guests. 

Installing premium LED bathroom mirrors can also increase your property’s value without spending significant money. All you need to do is to upgrade your regular mirrors to lighted bathroom mirrors. 

How LED Bathroom Mirror Works?

Many homeowners use lighted bathroom mirrors because of their numerous benefits. They increase your satisfaction and take your grooming experience to another level.

For instance, if your bathroom space looks dark and gloomy, you can install an LED mirror to provide extra lighting and illusion. It can also illuminate your area and transform it into a larger space. 

LED bathroom mirrors come in various styles, shapes, and materials. While many options are available, selecting one that can match your bathroom style is essential. 

Is LED Mirror Worth Buying?

With the rising inflation, you might be asking if it is still worth buying LED bathroom mirrors. The answer is yes. 

LED mirrors have multifunctional features, making them stand out among regular mirrors. Because of several factors, the cost of lighted mirrors is relatively high compared to regular ones. These factors include: 

  • Material
  • Dimension
  • Treatment
  • Shape
  • Glass thickness
  • Functions
  • LED Strip
  • Certification
  • Wires and Bulbs
  • Plug
  • Packaging
  • Order Quantity
  • Installation Service

Additionally, based on its functionality, you can choose what type of LED bathroom mirrors you want to buy. 

If you are an eco-friendly advocate, you can opt for an eco-friend LED mirror in the market. This mirror is made from recyclable glass and water-based solvents. It is also a copper-free mirror, so it is an ideal option for bathrooms. 

Silver mirror is perfect for those who prefer sophistication and elegance in their bathroom space. It can reflect more than 90 percent of the light spectrum. You can buy this from $300 to $1000, depending on your negotiation with the seller. To learn more about bathroom mirrors, here is an infographic from Remer.