July 24, 2024

All about Blue World City Waterfront Block 


Following the success of Blue World City Islamabad, the Blue World City Waterfront Block is a new and exciting construction that combines tranquilly, brilliance, charm, and splashing pleasure. The Blue Group of Companies’ introduced Waterfront Block in Blue World City which is considered to be one of the most demanding projects in the Twin Cities.

Moreover, The Waterfront neighbourhood offers the greatest international standard residential and business properties with a calm ambience and innovative technology. The best part is the residential society’s ideal position, which connects to the twin cities.

Because of its potential sophisticated technology and world-quality housing amenities, this project distinguishes out from all others. Moreover, it meets all the resident’s needs, comprising water, gas, and power.

Nonetheless, it also comes with extras, such as a gated residential community, 24/7 security, dancing foundations, and a network of roadways. As a result, another successful initiative offers investors rewarding investments at reasonable rates.

Builders of Waterfront Blocks, Blue World City:

Blue World City was recognized in 1998 and is managed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). So overages, BGC has established itself as one of the foremost reputable real estate tycoons.


This society is a top-tier legal community with a range of investment choices sanctioned by the district council. Waterfront District Block is the ideal addition for customers looking for legal, profitable prospects in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


The Waterfront Block is famous for its excellent position and perfect nature since it is freely reachable from Ring Road, Kashmir Highway, Motorway, Zero Point, and Chakri Interchange,

Waterfront Block Payment Schedule:

Blue World City Waterfront Block offers the surest path to inner serenity at the most affordable prices. It is a fantastic chance for anyone looking for comfort and entertainment at a low cost. The structure has evolved the payment plan for society, making it more accessible for everyone else to live their goals. This block has a variety of residential and commercial plot sizes available for its investors.

Blue World City Waterfront Block’s Attractive Attributes:

Blue World City Waterfront Block is a haven for those desiring refinement, leisure, and grandeur all in one location. It’s a tremendous source of enjoyment with enhanced features for anyone looking for a fun water sports setting.

Water belts, a gated society, an external movie, a dancing foundation, an outdoor swimming club, and a floating eatery delivering the best dine-in experience are some of its most prominent qualities that make people desire to live in serenity. Such incredible amenities provide a luxurious experience of an international level housing project with everything in one location.

Significance of Waterfront Block:

  • It is ideally positioned in Twin Cities, with the most direct path from any highway.
  • It is cost-effective and straightforward with a 25% down fee and quarterly costs.
  • This society has received NOC from the District Council.
  • The neighbourhood also has all the necessary amenities and technology conveniences for a comfortable lifestyle.
  •  It provides a variety of water sports and entertaining activities for your convenience and enjoyment.
  • Finally, it helps a man to connect with nature.

It gives chance for investors to achieve a high return on profits. In addition, blue World City Waterfront Block offers plots to prominent scale entrepreneurs at accessible prices for salaried workers.


Blue World City Waterfront is a new block that will soon become one of the most desirable blocks due to its magnificent design and concept. From location to cost to amenities to plot size, it’s a whole package of profitable real estate assets.

Waterfront District Block has been a substantial real estate venture since its establishment. The costs have jumped and fallen due to the project’s quick completion. The block offers plots varying in size from 6 Marla to 18 Marla at an affordable price.