June 20, 2024

15 Tips to Choose Flowers for Every Occasion

People give flowers for various reasons, from love to grief. It’s a way to add beauty to an occasion like a celebration or a birthday. Flowers can be the easiest way to say thank you to another person. They add meaning to just another day. Simply put, there’s a type of flower for every occasion. The key here is to know how to choose flowers for every occasion.

Think about the occasion

Before you head to the flower shop to buy flowers, you must know the occasion. The chances are high that the person working at the flower shop will know how to recommend the best flowers for an occasion, but you should be prepared. What if the person working there is too bored to help, and you’re already running late, so you can’t go to a different flower shop? Or, you’re, unfortunately, going to a funeral in another city, and this is the only flower shop available to you? That’s why you need to think about the occasion and what could be an appropriate choice of flowers.

Think about the message you want to send

Each flower sends a different message. For example, red roses show passion and love. White roses, in contrast, mean friendship and respect, so you can easily gift them to friends and colleagues. Each flower sends a different message, so think about how you want to convey that message. For example, sunflowers are connected to happiness and positivity, so you should give them to someone for their graduation or any other professional achievement.

You can colour coordinate

Let’s say you’re attending a friend’s party, and the invitation has a dress code. All of the attendees are expected to wear something white. If you want to bring flowers as a gift, you can easily colour-coordinate flowers with the occasion. You can choose white roses as they symbolise elegance and are as timeless as an entirely white outfit. White lilies are also suitable for this occasion as they also symbolise purity. Next, you can bring one white orchid or a more affordable white carnation.

Choose flowers for the recipient, not just the occasion

Every gift we buy is about the person and for that person. If you consider flowers a gift, think about the person for a second. Does this person love flowers? If so, what kind? Is this person more for a traditional bouquet or something unique like sunflowers, irises or zinnias? Lastly, are flowers the right kind of gift for this person? Some people would not be impressed by flowers, whereas some would be thrilled to get fresh lavender or even daisies as a gift.

Choose flowers that are in season

While you can practically buy any type of flower as they are grown in special circumstances, don’t forget about those in season. Instead of getting roses, as they are available all year long, buy tulips. Tulips are only available in spring; you can buy a bouquet still in bloom. It will take them a while to open fully, so the person will appreciate them for longer whenever you can, get flowers that are in season as they symbolise freshness, novelty and beauty.

Take the venue into consideration

You can get a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers if you’re going to a small gathering at your friend’s place. Suppose you’re going to an official event, and you want to bring flowers to compliment the organiser. In that case, you should get something more lavish, like a combination of different coloured roses or elegant white callas. If the venue is elegant, choose the type of bouquet that matches the occasion. If the venue is more relaxed, like a local pub or a restaurant, you can get something white, like white lilies, roses or daisies.

Match the occasion with the symbolism

Every type of flower has a different meaning or a specific symbolism attached to it. We all know that red roses symbolise the most passionate feelings, while white roses symbolise innocence and purity. Pink camellias represent longing, while yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship.

A red rose is only meant for some, as its symbol can be misunderstood. Consider symbolism before you decide on the type of flowers and the colour. Daffodils are one of the safest flowers you can buy if you want something fresh, beautiful and neutral.

Peonies also symbolise positive things like good luck and fortune, so they are an excellent choice for those you hold dear to your heart.

Choose flowers that come with a vase

Some people in our lives deserve more than just any flowers. Especially if you’re buying flowers for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, you can get assorted happy mothers day flowers delivered to your mother’s door. Not only are these bouquets perfectly assorted and handcrafted, but they are also arranged in a beautiful vase. You can even choose from different types of vases, clear glass or ceramic. Whatever you pick, just remember that it will complement the flowers and the occasion.

The size of the bouquet matters

They say that the size matters and the occasion will determine the best one. If you just want to surprise someone with a sweet gesture, get them one sunflower or a white Lilly. If you’re going to a friend’s housewarming, you can get a medium-sized bouquet to go along with the bottle of drink as a gift.

You can go big if you’re trying to impress someone, like a potential girlfriend or say sorry to that girlfriend. Buy something lavish when you want to impress and apologise. Or, you can simply drive your choices based on the following. Larger bouquets are great for big occasions, while smaller bouquets are perfect for intimate occasions.

Choose flowers based on your budget

Just like any other form of gift-giving, the final choice is always determined by your budget. You can get any type of bouquet if money is not a limited resource. However, in reality, we do need to stick to a budget, even when we’re only buying flowers.

Since flowers are not just flowers, they are these beautifully handcrafted bouquets wrapped in silky paper and in different shapes, they can cost a lot. Before heading to the nearest flower shop to get flowers, define how much you’re ready to spend. The budget will define your choice.

Choose flowers that have a personal meaning

If you’re buying flowers for a wedding anniversary, you can get the same kind of flowers that were at your wedding. If you’re getting flowers for your grandmother, you can get flowers that grew in your grandmother’s garden.Flowers can have a deep meaning to someone, especially if you share a special bond with someone.

Mix and match

If you’re getting flowers for a friend to celebrate their breakup or a divorce, get creative and mix and match flowers. These types of bouquets are perfect for occasions that are not as typical. You can match two opposite colours, for example, purple lilies and white carnations and put it all around one sunflower. This bouquet will look great and put a smile on the recipient’s face. Especially if you add some greenery to the mix and wrap it in silky paper, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bouquet for a one-of-a-kind occasion.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch

People love handwritten notes. It symbolises closeness; someone has gone the extra mile to write the note. Especially today, when we use devices to communicate, handwritten notes have a special meaning. This is also great if you’ll have flowers delivered for you. This way, the recipient will know who the sender is. Moreover, if the flowers are sent as an apology, you should not forget about the note.

Consider the cultural significance of the flowers

Different cultures have different symbolic meanings for flowers, so if the occasion is tied to a particular cultural tradition, it’s worth researching the symbolism of flowers in that culture. For example, white flowers don’t always mean joy. In some cultures, white flowers are only brought to funerals.

Flowers are a great mood booster

If you want to lighten someone up, you can get them a single flower. It can be any flower, from roses, lilies, and daisies to tulips; just remember to choose vibrant colours. If you haven’t seen your friend in a while, get them flowers that are in season. It will surprise them and fill them with fantastic energy. So, whenever you need to light a person’s spirit, get them pink flowers, as pink is a symbol of positivity and a carefree spirit.

Whether the occasion is deeply intimate, like professing your love to someone or sad like going to a funeral, these tips will help you make the right choice. The best part is that you can easily order flowers online and have them delivered anywhere in the world. So, if you’re missing out on someone’s birthday or any other special occasion, you can surprise them with a flower delivery. Just ensure you have their personal details and surprise them with a thoughtful gesture.