July 25, 2024

How to Practice the Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Routines?

Since everyone around us is thinking of ways to go greener, so we are also discussing the best ways to replace your regular skincare and beauty routine with the sustainable one. For, even a slight positive change in your routine can positively impact the environment. Today, millennials are more intrigued by buying eco-friendly products for skincare, health, makeup and beauty, even if it comes at a higher cost. With this approach, you won’t be contributing to the tubes and packets that float endlessly in the water bodies and polluting them harshly. In this article, we will address ways by which you can practice sustainable beauty routines.


The majority of the beauty companies today are taking the 3R approach extremely seriously. They are diligently following the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. There are also programs made to award consumers who are practising recycling genuinely. Some brands organize events where you need to carry empty product bottles to them and they will be refilling them again and you receive a ten per cent discount on the next purchase. Promotions like these encourage consumers to take up recycling more seriously.

Eco-friendly makeup removers

It is extremely handy to use the regular makeup-removing wipes but they adversely damage the environment. They are made up of polyester-fused fibres which do not decompose naturally. Millions of those wipes are flushed down the toilets every day, resulting in sewage blockage or pollution in the water bodies. You should switch to the modern-day makeup-removing wipes that are made from microfiber cloths. They are both gentle on the skin and can remove the hardest of the makeup. And the best part about these is that they are washable and can be reused over a thousand times.

Use reusable brushes

Around 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes get disposed of in the water or landfills every year. They do not easily decompose owing to the plastic and nylon they are made of. To get better alternatives, the world is switching to bamboo toothbrushes. They are 100 per cent biodegradable and the bamboo used in them is water-resistant as well as antimicrobial. Not only will it prevent the growth of bacteria, but will also protect you against throat infections.

You can now easily follow these eco-tips by switching to eco-friendly shopping of your beauty and wellness products through Zero Waste Hero. Let’s contribute in making our earth a safer planet to live in.